Home Loans - Things you should know

The main criteria are:

1. Your income and your track record of repaying previous loans - this is obtained from the Credit Bureau.

2. Your current expenses including other loans you are servicing. The amount of loan related to the property value.

3. Ownership of the property - this means that the lending bank should be comfortable that the seller has full and complete ownership of the property.

4. Getting a loan depends on the report of the local bank surveyor who will inspect the property and give his recommendation.

5. Home loan eligibility depends on your ability to pay (ie. based on your salary) and not on the age of the building. However, the quantum of loan depends on age and undivided share too, in addition to your repayment ability.



With tailor-made housing loans, we partner you in making the single most important purchase in your life, one of the smoothest experiences. Buying the house of your dreams requires planning and we are here to help you along every step of the process – from selecting the right property, to checking approvals of the selected project, calculating the perfect home loan EMI and tenure. We endeavour to bring you home with a quick processing of your loan application to make the journey from a dream to reality in minimum time.

With our home loans, you get a custom solution that works for you, so if you’re looking to buy that bigger house or looking to reduce your home loan EMI, both options are made available. Our loans give you a higher eligibility option which means you have the power to choose a bigger house, while on the other hand, if you’re looking to restructure your finances to get more liquidity each month, we give you the option to reduce your home loan EMI to ease out your cash flow. So why wait, get in touch to know more!

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